The Management of Pressvit S.r.l. believes that the quality of the products and services it provides is the essential element to ensure:

  • The full satisfaction of the explicit and implicit needs of its customers
  • Competitiveness in the market in which the company operates
  • Maximum protection regarding supplier liability
  • Compliance with current regulations applicable to the product and activity

The Management intends to disseminate and implement this policy by focusing on improving efficiency and safety in the company.

The factors present in the table on the side are considered strategic:

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Quality policy
RoHS-REACH-Conflict mineral-TSCA declarations

Develop a company quality management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, capable of meeting the requirements and finding, through the analysis of the data collected, opportunities for improvement (by identifying risks and opportunities, periodic monitoring process indicators and the definition of improvement plans)

To develop training and motivational programs for its staff, aimed at preventing problems and continuously improving quality

Enhance and involve all staff in the constant search for improvement ideas aimed at obtaining maximum efficiency and production simplification

Continuously review corporate commitments to ensure the adequacy of the means and resources to the required quality objectives

Ensure that customer requirements are defined and met

Measure the degree of customer satisfaction

Comply with applicable rules, laws and regulations

Manufacture their products in accordance with the specifications required by customers and with the use of standardized raw materials and such as to ensure the reliability and durability of the products made

Qualify and monitor suppliers, creating a highly confident collaboration relationship on the quality of the products purchased

To focus on the continuous improvement of the system and company performance.

Create conditions of objective evidence of quality