Custom-made SCREWS

Production of Pressvit fasteners is based on a drawing and / or custom-made, they are made on the basis of a drawing provided by the customer, with which the essential parameters are defined, such as the shape of the head, the thread, the coatings and any thermic treatments

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PRESSVIT S.r.l. produces tailor-made screws as requested by the client, in different shapes and materials. The screws are exactly designed regarding the client’s drawing, and to its intented use. Each step of manufacture is constantly monitored to reach an unmatchable quality standard and a high performance product.

PRESSVIT S.R.L. high-tech equipment  uses, together with the machinery produced independently within the company, customized screws with qualitative results that cannot be equaled on the competitive market. The great experience acquired over the years makes possible specific solutions for the needs of each customer, for each individual case. Project after project, and drawing after drawing, each product is created more faithfully to the customer’s idea, with the required dimensions and related material.

PRESSVIT S.R.L. allows to define every single detail; and if the customer so wishes, the specialized technicians can create the design for him, even starting from an existing product, once the intended use or particular need is known. A highly professional team will analyze the project, and verify, based on specific parameters, if it is feasible; otherwise it can propose changes, and prepare a quote that meets customer satisfaction and value for money. Only when the project is completed and its feasibility has been ascertained will it be possible to illustrate the expected result to the customer and proceed with the production of the piece.

A Certainty

PRESSVIT S.R.L. oversees, through its Management, the high quality of products and services, and guarantees and ensures customers to fully satisfy their implicit and explicit needs, to receive products that fully comply with current regulations, and to be fully protected as regards the responsibilities of the supplier.
It also guarantees high competitiveness in the sector in which it operates.
This policy, carried out with dedication for decades, increasingly aims to improve the safety and prompt efficiency of the company.

The materials

We produce screws in various materials:
Pressvit produces screws in different materials: stainless steels, carbon steels, non-ferrous materials

Stainless steels:
• Austenitics: 304 (1.4301) - 304l (1.4307 - 305 (1.4303) - 304cu (1.4567) - 316L (1.4404) - 316cu (1.4578) - 316Ti (1.4571
• Martensitic: 410 (1.4006)
• Ferritic: 430 (1.4016) - 434 (1.4113)
• Duplex: 1.4462 / 1.4162 / 1.4362
• Hardeners for precipitation: 630 (1.45242) - 660 (1.4980)
• Super alloys: 1.4529 - 1.4539 - 1.4828 - 1.4841

Carbon steels:
by strength classes
• 4.8 - 5.8 - 6.8 - 8.8 - 9.8 - 10.9
linked by reclamation
• 32CrB4 (1.7076) - 34Cr4 (1.17033) - 21CrMoV5-7 (1.7709) - 34CrMo4 (1.7220) - 40CrV4-6 (1.7711) - 42CrMo4 (1.7225)
from cementation
• 18B2 (1.5503) - 16MnCr5 (1.7131

Non-ferrous materials
• Brass
• Aluminum
• Copper