Manufacturers of unified fasteners

and special by drawing since 1967

PRESSVIT s.r.l. is a company wholly owned by Italian entrepreneurs and has been on the market since 1967.

PRESSVIT is an Italian entrepreneurial reality present on the market since 1967 that deals with the production of screws of all kinds, sizes and materials, and the production of cold forged stamps. It was founded in Milan, but, in 1986, the organization of work and the need for larger spaces led the company to move to its current headquarters in Via Martelli, 17 in Zibido San Giacomo (MI).
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Over the years, PRESSVIT s.r.l. has increasingly evolved and expanded its production. A bit of history...

Pressvit has been on the market for more than fifty years: founded in 1967 by the will of the brothers Vincenzo and Alfredo, today it is carried on by their children. Initially it was also involved in the production of double-shot stamping, carving and rolling machines, but in 1992 this branch of production was discontinued in favor of a wider range of fastening items.
In fact, today we can produce:
- Screws with pre-assembled washer
- Welding screws (capacitor discharge, arc, projection)
- Anti vandal, anti unscrewing, safety screws
- Tie rods, pins, grains, pins
- Screws, rivets, internally tapped bushings
- Captive screws with reduced shank
- Sheared heads
- Screws for plastic, quick steps, special steps
- Auto hooking for thin sheets
- Self tapping, self forming, trilobate self scraping, triplast
- Hammer rivets, knurled
- Semi-perforated, solid rivets with grooves
- Screws resumed for removal
- Special customized screws.



PRESSVIT S.r.l. is oriented towards total customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of its business system.
It promotes the development of a company quality management system, compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, and aims to derive improvements from data analysis, careful and constant monitoring of process indicators, and immediate identification of risks and opportunities.

PRESSVIT S.r.l. organizes training programs for its employees, and constantly motivates them, involving them in the search for positive ideas and improvements to make the company more efficient, assigning them periodic objectives to be achieved and all the necessary and adequate resources to achieve them.
The degree of customer satisfaction is monitored and followed to keep loyalty always high.