Screw factory

screw production since 1967

PRESSVIT s.r.l. screw plant south of Milan

Within the Pressvit company there is an area dedicated to the mechanical workshop where changes to existing equipment are made in order to allow customized processing of products based on customer requests. The special cold-pressed parts are therefore made not only with timing, but also with maximum flexibility, as each production phase is completed in complete autonomy and according to the customer's instructions. Our headquarters are located in Via Martelli 17, in Zibido San Giacomo, in the province of Milan. Here you will find the offices and the production which is divided into different functional departments:
MOLDING: where semi-finished products and / or finished items are made starting from the raw material. The processing consists in the cold plastic deformation of the products, obtained with special presses on which the equipment is mounted.
EQUIPMENT: multiple machine tools are installed for the processing of molding, rolling and reworking equipment.
ROLLING: threads, grooves and special profiles are made according to drawing.
SHOOTING: cutting, drilling, tapping, shearing, pointing and turning are carried out.
SURFACE TREATMENTS: intermediate degreasing to machining, stainless steel passivation, grinding and polishing
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Over the years, PRESSVIT s.r.l. has increasingly evolved and expanded its production

The machine park includes multi-station printing machines, latest generation rolling machines and, for everything that cannot be made due to plastic deformation, also shearing machines, milling machines, spot welding machines, lathes and tapping machines. Pressvit also has a warehouse dedicated to raw materials, divided by type, which allows them to be monitored and constantly supplied.